The Youth Ministry at CCLG is designed to prepare the youth of our church to stand strong in their faith against a world of increasing temptation.  

We do this through Sunday morning Youth Group Bible Study, and various other activities throughout the week.  At the Sunday Bible study the Youth Leader uses the Word of God to help the youth apply Biblical lessons and scenarios to their own lives and helps them develop a godly perspective on the issues they face. 

Our Youth Leaders establish relationships of trust with each young person and they act as role models giving Biblical counsel and participating with them in God-honoring activities. 

We encourage our youth to form friendships with one another by providing fun venues and activities, such as Lock-ins, Christian movies, the Youth Group Band, and days at the beach or bay.  Additionally, we offer participation in youth camps, as well as youth conferences (e.g., Acquire the Fire).  The CCLG Youth Ministry is comprised of young people ages 11 to 17.