The Women’s Ministry at CCLG is about unity through the Holy Spirit.  

It is our desire to grow together in our faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.   In doing this, we strive to create a place where women feel welcome and accepted.  Uniting together, we encourage and build-up one another in our spiritual walk, seek to help each other through times of sorrow and trial, and to rejoice with one another in times of blessing.

To help achieve these goals, we offer small group Bible Studies at various times during the week and on various topics where the Word of God is taught.  These Bible studies encourage thoughtful discussion and questions on the passages of scripture we are studying to help us better apply the Word to our lives.  We also encourage consistent prayer for one another.

The women of CCLG agree that one of the most important ways to experience the abundant life that God promises in the scriptures, to remain steadfast in their faith, and to mature as  believers is to be reading the Word of God on a daily basis.  To help achieve this, we have committed to read the word together, and to form small accountability groups where members e-mail one another on a regular basis about the passage they are all reading.

Monthly Fellowship Gatherings are another way the Women’s Ministry works to reach our goals.  There are different activities offered once a month.  It is our desire that through these activities the women at CCLG will begin to share their lives with one another and bond together through the work of the Holy Spirit, whom they all share.  Women are also encouraged to invite their friends and family so that others can experience the love of Jesus Christ that is reflected in each of us.

Once each year the women participate in a Women’s Retreat for a chance to get away from the distractions of normal life and spend the weekend focusing on God.  It is a great time for God to do some major work in each one of us, a time to share our experiences with one another, and to strengthen our bond with God and with one another.